Wedding Customs in Morocco

Published: 27th June 2008
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Wedding is a big social event at which the ceremony of marriage of 2 people, woman and a man is performed. Each nation in the world has its own unique and different customs and traditions of celebrating such event. So, how is wedding organized and which traditions are common in such Islamic country like Morocco? When Muslim couples plan weddings they want to reflect their unique cultural backgrounds. In this article you can find some traditions that might be incorporated into an Islamic wedding celebration.
Morocco is the country with very rich and active traditions, one of the gems of the North Africa. Moroccan wedding is a great gala event like other cultures all over the world and is celebrated with great fun and festivity. In Kingdom in Morocco the traditional wedding is quite meaningful and an elaborate process. As a rule the wedding process lasts from 4 to 7 days and there are many pre-wedding ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding.

According to Muslim traditions parents choose groom or bridegroom for their children. Before wedding everybody sends presents and gifts to bride. If the parents, guests and relatives can afford, they send golden jewelry, clothing, and perfumes for the bride. On modern and big Moroccan weddings presents and gifts can be even cars, different Morocco property, such as houses, apartments and villas. Long time before marriage all necessary things for newly married couple such as a mattress and blanket are taken to the bridal chamber.

Traditionally on the wedding day in Morocco a bride bathes in milk and then her hands and feet are painted with henna. Such purification process has history of more than 200 years. But modern tradition for brides in Morocco is to apply henna to the wedding guest palms. However, there are some women who live in luxury Morocco property are so "westernized" that they don't follow this tradition. In the night before marriage the "henna party" takes place and the older, married women share the secrets of marriage with the bride. Another woman applies all putting make up and jewelry on bride and then the bride can put on her wedding dress. Moroccan brides always wear elaborate headpieces and veils for the wedding.

On the day of wedding plenty of food is prepared for all the guests - expected and even unexpected. Traditionally the groom together with his family members, friends and relatives move towards the bridal party and they are singing, beating drums, and dancing. Then they all lead the groom and the bride to the bridal chamber. Sometimes the Moroccan bride circles her marriage home three times before wedding ceremony.

Nowadays modern Moroccan weddings usually take place at big villas at night or other fascinating property in Morocco that are solely rented out for weddings. Morocco bride changes dresses and matching jewelry several times during her wedding celebration. Very often during the reception, the groom makes his way in a noisy procession to collect his bride. When he enters the house, he is hoisted onto the shoulders of his friends or onto a horse and his bride is carried on a table or cushion. This procession usually continues until the couple reaches the nuptial chamber.

During the week after wedding, the newly weds visit their relatives and friends and invite to their new home. Until today, everywhere in the world marriage is generally seen as the most important decision in life, both men and women can make. Because of this, the whole affair is very expensive, elaborated and sophisticated.

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